Carbon Fiber Wallet


Carbon Fiber & White Italian Leather


  • Colour: Red, White or Black
  • Material: High quality Carbon Fiber and Italian Leather
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These wallets are hand made using Italian leathers in Modena Italy.  Charles Maier has been designing and having wallets made in Italy for the past 16 years.  This fine product has leather throughout.  We are only ordering 50 wallets at a time in Artic White, Ruby Red and natual Black lamb skin leathers.  The carbon fiber is woven using Torray fibers in Talorsville, NC USA.  The fabric is then sent to Southern California to be laminated in a special poly urethane.  There is ONLY 1 factory in the world that gets this done like this.  Finally the lamination is shipped off to Parma Italy where it is hand carried to Moden to a small factory that is not a big production house, yet they still make wallets as they have done in Italy for hundreds of years.  The process takes months to complete yielding a special wallet that we offer here.
The wallets are made to use currencies around the world in that the paper note sizes varry and the wallet is wide to accomodate them.  It is a traditional Men’s style wallet with (8) slots for credit cards and 2 locations for notes.
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